Can YouTube Be Used To Train Your Dog?

People often want easy answers to difficult tasks.

Sometimes those easy answers are available. Sometimes, they aren’t. Often times, it’s somewhere in between with items and programs that may help some, but never help as much as people hope.

Enter YouTube, and the thousands of videos on nearly any topic you want to find. There are plenty of dog training videos on YouTube, but the real question is fairly simple. Namely, is YouTube any good for dog training, or not?

Training Your Dog With YouTube

Training your dog can be difficult for anyone but YouTube can absolutely help. However, relying solely on YouTube tutorials to train your dog is ultimately a mistake. The first thing to remember about any internet information search is that there’s a lot of misinformation, bad information and contradictory information that can easily leave a person confused. Additionally, what works to train one dog may not work to train another dog. Some dogs, such as border collies are easily trained with nothing but praise, while other more independent-minded dogs, such as beagles, are better trained with food rewards.

Since many breeds of dogs can be quite different from each other, it may help to seek out training tutorials on your dog’s breed specifically. Much like everything else on YouTube, the information is out there and customized to your specific search terms. Once you’ve found a specific tutorial, you should watch it all the way through. It will definitely help to look at more than one tutorial for training a dog and see what the common threads in each methodology are. Since most hound trainers agree that rewarding good behavior on the part of the dog with food, one should definitely take that into account when training their hound. The same applies to all breeds of dog.

However, it should be noted that oftentimes, no amount of YouTube tutorials are really enough to train most dogs. Some dogs are easily trained and may not need a lot of work to train them, while other dogs may be more stubborn and determined and thus difficult to train. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to attend at least a few dog training classes to supplement the lessons you learned on YouTube. Much like any other skill you learn online, it’s best to seek out more reliable teachers to show you what is and isn’t working from what you learned online.