Different Foods Dogs Should Avoid

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While there might be foods that are extremely good for human consumption, some might be potentially toxic to our furry friends. Below, we will be going over some of the different foods dogs should never consume.

Different Foods Dogs Should Avoid:

1. Xylitol.

This particular ingredient is toxic to dogs. This ingredient can be found in a variety of foods as a sweetener from gum to diet foods. This ingredient is so harmful to dogs because it can result in a significant drop in blood sugar levels and even lead to complete liver failure. The early symptoms of a dog being poisoned with this ingredient are typically vomiting coordination problems and lethargy.

2. Avocado.

While avocados might be delicious and extremely good for human consumption, they are not good to eat for your dog. Avocados have a property called persin. This is fine for people that are not allergic to it. However, having too much can be toxic to dogs. Persin can be found in just about every area of an avocado from the seeds, leaves, and even bark of the tree.

3. Alcohol.

This should go without being said, but alcohol should never be given to a dog. It can take a lot less alcohol to significantly hurt your dog because they weigh a lot less and they simply cannot tolerate as much. Alcohol can lead to a lot of problems including diarrhea, breathing problems, and even death.

4. Onions.

Onions are another food that you should never give to your dog. Onions contain properties that can actually kill your dog’s red blood cells which can result in anemia.

5. Caffeine.

Never give your dog any food or drink that contains caffeine as it can be fatal to your dog.

Overall, there are a lot of foods and drinks you want to avoid giving to your dog.

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